Multi-build Capability

We build multiple dwellings at same time to deliver projects fast.

We manufacture multiple homes at once to deliver large scale projects fast. We have the capability to deliver.

Our advanced prefab construction systems and lean manufacturing facilities ramp up fast.  We can construct multiple homes at once, reducing build times to a matter of weeks.  We have the strength, experience and capability to deliver large scale projects fast.  

Unlike other pre-fabricated builders who can only produce clones of standard designs, our modern facilities, technology and processes allow us to build a range of different demountable homes and custom designs during the same schedule.  Taking advantage of the speed of the modular building process while delivering a range of different homes for a single project.

Our design and manufacturing systems are fully integrated allowing for greater flexibily whereby changes to prefab homes can be made even while they are being manufactured.  

All our facilities practice lean production principles and systems to eliminate waste and increase quality and efficiency.  This not only allows us to manufacture homes quickly, it also enables us to reduce costs and pass on the savings to our customers.

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