This is an example of a high density masterplan with a mix of building styles

Rely on our in-house team to design and develop a project your community will embrace.

Utilising our in-house design team, our masterplanning proposals are built on designs that meet project requirements while being sensitive to local, social and environmental issues.   We collaborate with our client’s consultants and stakeholders to provide the best possible solution and actively assist throughout the application process with local authorities.   Our team can rapidly respond to changes in the project requirements as they emerge during the planning and development process. 

With over 50 years of innovation, we draw upon our mix of demountable housing options to deliver better communities.  Our range of solutions include affordable housing, high density projects, large leafy communities in remote locations and more.  Using a mix of buildings and layouts we create exciting streetscapes using a range of facades incorporating a mix of roof lines, colours and textures.  

Being the planner, designer, manufacturer and builder provides significant advantages and clear efficiencies from conceptual design through to practical completion – the process is faster, more flexible and reliable.   

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